What We Do

Web and Mobile Application development for big and small business

Python, Django, React, React-Native, Angular, ES6, Wordpress, Jira, Flock, BitBucket, GitLab

We use the latest technology to develop and design highly scalable and robust applications for your businesses using the above latest technologies. React has become the de-facto standard of front-end design and development and we are masters at React and React JS Development. Contact us for React or React Native Development.

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Virtual Chief Technology Officers (CTO)'s

Most SMEs or Start-ups who don't have a technical co-founder or a CTO, find it difficult to obtain and implement technology or assemble a team for it. Delhi Nerd's Virtual CTO packages sorts that issue for you.

Our Virtual CTO's work with you, for you at highly competitive hourly rates and provide you with the best technology consultancy for your offline or online business. You can be assure that your virtual CTO knows how to code, has knowledge on industry tools, softwares and services and has deployed more than 50 applications. Your Virtual CTO will help you in building a quality code base, make sure that the right people do the right work for you and help you make right financial decisions when buying technology.

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Hire dedicated remote Django, Angular, NodeJS, React, Wordpress developers on payroll at super economical wages along with a free project manager.

NerdsOnHire enables smart companies and start-ups hire smart, talented Django, Angular, Nodejs, React and Wordpress Developers to develop their products and technical services at super cost effective prices, along with a dedicated project manager. The Delhi Nerds project manager coordinate with your dedicated nerds, sourced with us, providing you with constant updates on the design and development process.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Your job is to make money from your business and Delhi Nerds like to make it easier for you. Unsecure and non-compliant web and mobile applications make it difficult for you to do business. Delhi Nerds will conduct VAPT's for applications developed by third party vendors for you and then further help you out with fixing the security flaws while working with your third party app vendor.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is the process of thoroughly testing your application or system for vulnerabilities that your application or system is facing. Vulnerability assessment alerts companies on the preexisting flaws in the application or the code and Penetration Testing attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system to determine whether unauthorised access or malicious activity is possible or not.

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