Available at your service, 24×7

Since 2015, we have helped over 45+ businesses in realising their potential and automate their businesses

ABC of success

Availability, Behaviour and Competitiveness, the three ABC's of success is our driving force to do good and effective work.

From day one, we make sure, that we are Available 24x7x365 to our clients, are Courteous and highly competitive in our skills and technology, thus making sure that our clients benefit the most from us.

Web & Mobile Application Development

We have been building highly scalable and robust web&mobile apps using latest technologies - Django, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React.js and React Native. We specialise in MEAN stack, making sure the core of your business is strong and steady.

Javascript (React and React-Native) Development

Javascript is no more used for making those pesky cool effects online. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers who code scalable applications using React.JS and React-Native for Mobile Applications.

Virtual CTO's

We help Start-ups and SMB's with low experience with technology by providing them expert advice on how to leverage technology for their ideas and also help build them their dream tech teams.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

We provide comprehensive security auditing of your applications for threats facing your applications thus enabling your business to protect itself and it's customers and adhere to compliance's such as PCI, ISO, FISMA or any other.

We do Asgard level services at Xandar Prices. [Reference: Marvel Cinematic Universe, PS: We are big Marvel Nerds too!]